The Gust of Desire

It was the perfect day. I know it makes no sense to say that, but who cares? The old walls where wrecked, the old forbidden was now suddenly allowed. I took my car at the same our as every day and she was there, waiting for me with that happy but sorrowful smile on her face. She was using makeup, and fancy clothes. She knows that brings up my attention. Guess that's what she wanted in the first place. We arrived at my place, left the car and started walking on the neighborhood. The same as always.

- You know, i was thinking about what to say to you in our conversation, but i have no idea. Maybe today is not the day to talk after all... - she said looking at me with expectations

Last time, yesterday, we got in a close point to that and i ran away. There was a wall between us, and i was too scared to jump over it. But not that day. I woke up wild, like a beast.

- I wonder if you think about the things we say to each other often. I have been thinking a lot, lately. Seems like, even though i have all my issues, sometimes a just stop to think about it. It feels... wierd, strong... exciting – i Said
- I think about it everytime i get an oportunity. It's like i'm forbiden to do so, then i only think about it alone. But tell me, what are your thoughts?
- I keep thinking about those walls we face in the end of our journey. What if they where magicaly gone for good? What if we crossed them and arrived at the other side?
- I supose the sensation would be... enpowering... But what about the consequences?
- I woke up mad today, dear. Like i spent the night flying with a gust. Consequences are a matter of logic, reasoning. I could'nt care less about such things...
- But will it be only once?
- I don't know about the future and have no interest on it. Right now a just want to cross that wall and see what happens.
- But i't wrong!
- How can you be so sure? Why is it that we, little dots in the universe, always want to say what can happen and what cannot happen? To hell with that. Let the gods decide!
- What are you saying…?
- Do you feel the wind?
- Yes... pretty cold, today...
- Well, the blow from my direction towards yours. Lick the point of your finger and point to the moon. If the wind changes, we'll cross the wall…
- That's not going to happen. It never happens!
- Then maybe we won’t cross the walls. But it is not worth the atempt?
- I don't know...
- Yes you do...

She looked up to de sky. Started breathing faster, stronger. She put her finger um my mouth. Don’t really know why, but I kind of enjoyed it. She closed her eyes and pointed the finger up to the moon.

- For how long¿ - she said
- Try for one minute…
- But that not enough. The wind will never change in time
- the we’ll wait for two minutes.

I started looked in my watch to count the time. One minute passed, nothing happened. Maybe I was just crazy. That was the though in my mind. Just a mad man. When the clock marked minute and fifty five seconds, o dropped my arm and almost started talking. But the wind closed my mouth shut, as it changed so violently that she was dragged to me. There was this littler pipe on the ground and I slipped and fell. She fell with me in the grass, on top of me. We looked at each other for some time. Everything got calm, clear. We kissed. I never hugged her like that. Never imagined she was so soft…

- Shall we cross the walls, then¿ said she
- Yes. I heard there is an apple three there…
- You want to eat from it¿
- yes…
- But… What about her¿ - she said looking back to the street, pointing to my house
- She’s my soulmate, sweetie. And will remain like that.
- And what about me¿
- You will always have a share of my heart, my soul, my mind and my body.

She walked in the direction of the wall. Looked up, took a long and strong breath. I helped her up and managed to get up by myself. There where Christmas lights in the three. We ate from it peacefully. No longer we were in a hurry, nor scared or fighting fate. No. That was love…

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