I’ve seen

I’ve seen the pretty colors
Of those dark eyes
They shine, like heaven would
They where looking at me

Oh yes, i have seen.

I've seen a beautiful smile
Shiny, brings light to the soul
Gets you thinking
That live is really worth it

Dam right, i've seen it!

I've seen a beautiful soul
Full of love, open minded
Honest, innocent, clever.
Touched me deeply.

Hell yeah, i've seen that!

I saw her black hair
When she went away
My tears made her fade
I couldn't see her anymore

No, i see nothing now

Now my eyes are filled
With endless tears
My heart pumps slowly
My mind works slowly

I'm all alone, and it hurts
Hurts to see all the hope going away
And being unable to do anything
Makes you desperate.

I've seen happiness
But i don't see that anymore.
Maybe i'll see it tomorrow
But not today...

Today all i see is darkness

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